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Ana Morgan

This isn’t ready for prime time:

Mia Goran always does the expected. Though she loves photography, she works as a lawyer in her successful father’s firm. She’s been engaged for years to the son of long-time Serbian friends. She has a stable circle of friends. But when her fiancé makes an unforgiveable mistake on the eve of their wedding, she upends her predictable life and jets to Hawaii alone, to figure out what she really wants.

Hawaiian Kekoa Hale is no stranger to heartbreak. When his father dies unexpectedly, he abandons his dream of professional surfing and helps his mother and brother run their coffee farm and inn. When his fiancé leaves him for a mainlander, he builds a wall around his heart. His life is predictable and uninspiring until beautiful stranger checks into his family’s inn and takes his photograph.

Mia doesn’t know why she’s attracted to the surfer in her viewfinder. Beautiful in the water, he’s aloof on land. Yet he…….


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