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Sounds like you had a good week, Cheryl. Your trailer sounds like fun.

How did you find out your story was in Short Reads? I know authors can’t elect to be in this category, that KDP just puts you there. Do they let you know when you’re in Short Reads?

I am keeping notes on everything I find out about copyrighting and will put them together in some kind of organized manner.

The question I’m waiting on an answer for right now involves an informational pamphlet I’ve put together on medical information for visitors to Waikiki¬† – not that tourism is starting to open up again. It lists hospitals/emergency rooms, urgent-care clinics and walk-in clinics in Waikiki, pharmacies in Waikiki and within easy commuting distance from Waikiki, and emergency dental services. Since all the information in this pamphlet is public information that I found on the internet in the various establishments websites, I’m wondering if this pamphlet can be copyrighted.¬† Also, if I may have to update it periodically to keep the information current, I wonder, if I can copyright it, would I have to copyright it ever time I updated information.

I tried doing a live chat with the copyright office on this, but the specialist helping me said it was beyond the scope of her knowledge. She gave me a phone number to call, but after being on hold for 20 minutes, I gave up and just sent them a message through their website.

The copyright office has some really good tutorials on YouTube.

Between KDP and the Copyright Office, I’m learning the importance of asking questions as part of the learning process.

Have a good week and stay safe.



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