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Hi, Cheryl and everyone!

I’m a little late in posting this week for last week. Last week, I finished editing (for the 15th time), the Christmas story (a short story) that I was getting ready to publish on Amazon through KDP.  And I did publish it; I also copyrighted it.

I thought I was so smart using the Standard Application to register the copyright, but I should have done a little more reading as to the different applications. Not that what I did was totally wrong – it’s still get copyrighted, but if I’d paid a little more attention, I would have looked into the application to Register One Work by One Author.  This can be one poem, one short story, one photograph, among other things. And the registration fee is $45, whereas the fee for the Standard Application is $65.00.

So, I cost myself an extra $20. Next time, I’ll know. But I don’t know if I’ll be registering just one short story again. I wanted to get this one in before Christmas as it’s a Christmas story.

My other short stories are going to go in as a collection (it’s an anthology when the short stories are by different authors and a collection when they’re by the same author). I already got a determination from the Copyright Office that for a case like this, use the Standard Application. The registration fee for this is $65.00.

If you have a group of short stories that you want to publish individually, you can copyright up to 10 with the same application (Register a Group of Unpublished Works); the registration fee is $65.

I also signed up for an Author Account on Goodreads because I keep reading that’s a great place to get reviews for your books and to advertise. Now that I see it, I’m wondering about that, though. there are zillions of posts across numerous discussion groups and they start with the oldest entry to the newest entry. Took me a while when I posted to figure out where my post went. It was at the end of 50 pages (or some such high number), the post is small, the cover photo of my book was small. How’s any one going to find MY post. It’s a needle in a haystack. Maybe there’s some trick to getting noticed on Goodreads, but I’ve only been a member one day and haven’t figured it out yet.

Well, on to this week. For me, this week is continuing to edit and proof the six historical short stories for my “Stories of Hope” Collection that I will be publishing on Amazon.

Have a wonderful week, everyone. Hugs, Mona. I send you much love.



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