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JoMarie, I’m so glad you enjoyed the sprints. Definitely pop in! We’re doing this week and next and then winter break. 🙂

Mona, I hope you don’t lose your voice completely. Maybe you’ll just get that husky, Demi Moore tone. 😉 Practicing saying no is good advice. I admit it’s hard for me. Saying no to seeing my family at Christmas has upset some of them and I feel bad, but this whole year has been one big fat NO, so I’m doing my best to stick to it.

Laura, you’re definitely right on that. Practicing saying no makes sense. Keep an eye on me in the next board meeting… haha

Dory, wow, you had a big week! Nice word count! And congrats on the weight loss. Are you feeling any different? Oh, and that brooch sounds lovely. Now I’m off to Google Boucher fur clips…

As for me, I’m still editing. I’m down to the last five chapters, though. Planning to release this month if all goes well. Once I send this off to the next edit, I’m going to take some time off writing and read. Meditate. Relax. I’ve been going nonstop for months and I need a break. Then I’ll get those edits back and begin again, though this will be a quicker edit. <fingers crossed>



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