Shirley Tudhope

October 2020 Chapter Meeting

The October chapter meeting was called to order on October 9, 2020 at 12;24 PM EST by President Shirley Tudhope.

The first order of business was to approve the August Secretary minutes posted by Jessica Jayne, Secretary FTHRW. Ana Morgan motioned to approve the August Secretary minutes and Connie Bretes seconded the motion. The August 2020 Chapter Meeting Secretary minutes were approved.

Arel Jansen, Treasurer, presented on the FTHRW budget. We are one month from closing our fiscal year. A $2,000 loss was projected for 2020 due to some of the issues with RWA and the effect on membership; however, FTHRW wanted to provide members with programming and opportunity to meet up at Nationals. However, loss will not be as great as originally anticipated. This is a good thing. Budgeting for 2021 is underway. 

Connie Bretes, VP Programs had nothing new to report other than one new member to the FTHRW Pinterest Board. She did provide her contact information if interested in being included on the FTHRW Pinterest Board.

Ana Morgan presented her report as Critique Forum Chair. Critique group is active and had one new member in September.

Cheryl Rider presented her report as Productivity Forum Chair. Forum is active with some member reporting weekly and others checking in. Two hour Zoom writing sprints are being held on Tuesday and Thursday. Zoom sprints are open to FTH members and guests as a means of an outreach to others.

Cheryl Rider also presented on the webinars. Wonderful webinars planned for 2021. Discussing expanding webinars to include Zoom discussion rooms.

There was no Unfinished Business.

President Shirley Tudhope opened up New Business. She discussed the annual elections. VP Programs and Treasurer are at their two term limit. If no one steps forward to run for those positions, both have agreed to stay on for another term in accordance with bylaws. The rest of the board announced intent to run again for another term. Shirley opened it up for other members to run as well and provided contact information to do so. 

Next Chapter meeting is December 4, 2020.

President Shirley Tudhope adjourned the October 2020 Chapter Meeting on October 12, 2020 at 2:03 a.m.EST. 

Respectfully submitted,

Jessica Jayne, 2020 FTHRW Secretary


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