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Doreen Jensen

Hello Peeps: everyone ready to put 2020 in the rearview.

I managed 1625 words and some workshops. Traditions went out the window this year with Christmas as we play the necessary hermits in the hopes that the next one will be normal.  Still, it was nice and I’m still binging on Christmas movies.


1) try to exercise more-weight has plateaued. My gym at the seniors center is shut down while the province is on lockdown. so I am trying to figure something out. I might try yoga again but the last gym I went to– I never felt sore the next day–even after the weightlifting class but her yoga nearly killed me–There must be a gentler starter one I can try, just to get my muscles more supple.

2)-get that website live

3) self-publish one book while I work on the (10)others. The revision class is perfect timing.

4) a–try to be more organized/downsized.

b–that leaves room for my appliance pantry to be made (1)and hopefully my meditation/library(2) with major walk-in closet(3) I have to empty the rooms to let my hubby build them. –notice that I’ve set hubby up with resolutions he did know he had.


3) not to devour everything in sight once I’m off the liquid diet–and hopefully I will have my exercise plan in place by then. (I’m finished close to the end of march)




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