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Hi, Cheryl and everyone


I finished editing a historical women’s fiction and a collection of short stories and finally got a couple of ideas for new short stories. And, I have a contemporary women’s fiction manuscript for which I’ve completed the rough draft and done one edit. I’ll be using that one for the Rapid Revision workshop.

And, I got myself all confused writing two short stories at the same time. I discovered in going over what I wrote today for one of them that I’d suddenly switched the heroine’s name and was referring to her by the heroine’s name in the other story. Thank goodness for the search and replace function in Word.

And I finished this week off this evening by filing my business tax return with the state of Hawaii. I didn’t make much for this filing period, so I didn’t have much to pay in taxes.

So far I’ve exceeded my chain event goal of 3 hours and that’s because I’ve been doing a lot of research. Both short stories that I’m writing take place in the late 1800s, so I have some historical research to do.Β  Research can take a lot of time. Then I get sidetracked because I’ve discovered researching on the Library of Congress website. TheyΒ  have photographs and newspapers, among other things that are digitized and available online. It gets really fascinating.

If you’re looking for photographs for your book covers and you can find something in the photograph collection, chances are you may find something you don’t have to pay for. But it’s good to give credit to the Library of Congress in your book. Many of the photos are historical. But there’s a wonderful contemporary photographer named Carol M. Highsmith who has donated her photographs to the Library of Congress. She’s made them available for use free of charge and only requests credit in your book if you use any of her photos. I will be using one of her beautiful photos of a Queen Anne style mansion on the cover of one of my books that takes place in a Queen
Anne style home. If you want to look at her photos go to the LOC website and search on her name.Β  If you use any of her photos, as a courtesy, you might want to email her to let her know. I believe I found her email address with her collection of photos on the LOC website. Can’t just remember and I’m not looking at the site right now.

I’m looking forward to the next few FTHRW workshops, especially the one on marketing.

Anyway, that’s it for me.



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