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Productivity Forum

The Productivity Forum is hopping! We’re on day 5 of our annual Chain Event, where we write/edit every single day for the month of January. I post encouraging graphics, tips, etc. daily, run Zoom sprints at least 3 days a week, and participants check in as often as they like with their totals. It’s a fun, uplifting time.

I’ve encouraged Productivity Forum FTH members to invite non-FTH members to the Zoom sprints, too. I’m hoping to use it as outreach. The sprints are for everyone in the Productivity Forum, even those who don’t participate in other things.

Cheryl Rider
Productivity Forum Moderator



We’re hosting the WriteFAST webinar-in-a-box on these dates/times:

  • Jan. 13, 5 pm PST
  • Jan. 16, 10 am PST

Ashley Wucher, RWA Chapter Relations Manager is going to set them up on GoToWebinar for us.

These webinars are only for FTHRW members. We are not allowed to show them outside the chapter. They are free to us and to our members.

Cheryl Rider, Connie Bretes, & Christine Grissom


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