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Zara West

<h2>Today’s Tip: Map Your Scenes</h2>
Once you have the flow of the story action to your satisfaction, the next step is to examine each scene’s structure. This is another way to check the plotting, but more importantly it is the best way start marking out your character arcs.

Go through your reverse outline and identify for <u>every</u> character in the scene their

  • Scene goal – what they aim to accomplish. Make sure the character goal is stated in words in the first two paragraphs of the scene. This is a helpful way to cue yourself and your reader to what will happen next
  • Motivation – why they want or why they must accomplish that goal.
  • Conflict – who or what is stopping them from reaching that goal.
  • Dilemma – the problem, disappointment, catastrophe, or decision the point-of-view character is left with at the end of the scene. This should be clearly stated in the last three sentences in your chapter. Identifying this for each scene is essential if you want to keep your reading turning the pages.

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