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Hi, Cheryl and everyone,

Here we are at the end of another week. My week went well. I exceeded my goals this week. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday it was because I published a book to Amazon – my collection of short stories. Wednesday, I uploaded the eBook. Thursday, I registered the manuscript with the Copyright Office. Friday I linked the paperback to the eBook and uploaded the manuscript.

Both the eBook and paperback are now live on Amazon, but in checking on the paperback’s cover, I see that’s it’s not exactly the same as the eBook and I missed that before I hit the “publish” button. It’s no big deal. When I linked the paperback to the eBook and then the screens on KDP were populated with my books, information, I somehow assumed that the front covers were the same – even though I had to go in and tweek the covers. For some reason, I completely lost sight of the fact that I had to go into the front covers and tweek them. What I wanted was the title to be in white and my the author name (my name) to be in black. I left the author name in white. It looks okay in white and I”m too tired to go back in and change it right now. I’ll just think about it over night and may go back in and change it tomorrow when I’m fresher.

But on the whole, I have to say now that I’ve published several books to Amazon, I’m having an easier time of it, especially with the eBook. Getting the margins for the paperback was still a bit of work. I had to redo them three times before I was satisfied. The inside margin (the gutter) that KDP recommended for the number of pages didn’t end up being wide enough and I had to play around with it. When I upload to KDP, I upload the manuscript as a PDF, which meant I had to keep changing the margins in the Word Doc and PDF it again and thenĀ  upload it again. And, every time you change the margins in Word, if you have a table of contents, then you have to delete the TOC you had and re-do it again because when you change the margins, the number of pages changes, so the first page of each chapter changes.

So, if any of you are self publishing and formatting your paperback manuscript in Word, be aware of that. If you have a table of contents and you change the margins, then you must re-do the table of contents because the number of pages has changed.

I also exceeded my goals because I’ve been doing historical research for one of the short stories I’m writing and it’s time consuming. It’s interesting and I enjoy researching, but it does take time. I’m researching newspapers and printing presses in the early 1900s. My story takes place in 1910. And I’ve got a “Tin Lizzie” – a Model T Ford – in the story, too. I’m going to know a lot about newspaper printing in the early 1900s, when I’m done with this.

I’ve discovered the Library of Congress website. They have digital collections you can access online. I especially like searchingĀ  through the photographs.

Anyway, that was the week that was. I’m busier now than I was before we were restricted for COVID.

Hope you are all well and staying safe.



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