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Zara West

This is something I need to work on. I’ve used setting to show the reader where the characters are, but haven’t really thought about using it to set the mood or reveal character.


Hi Jeanne,

I so glad you are working along with the course.

It is common in a draft when you are writing quickly to give bare descriptions of setting and not think about mood and character viewpoint.

I want to point out that drafting and revising are two different things. I think we all get hung up on trying to get all the things I am sharing in this course into our first drafts. We don’t have to.

When we draft we can name emotions, use cliches, sketch out character movement, overuse words and action, and give simple description. What drafting is all about is getting the story on the page.

Revision is the time to deepen what you wrote, and put in all these things taught in writing courses. Does that make sense?

So now that you have identified what is missing from your setting descriptions, you can add them. Hopefully, I have given you some ways to do that.

If you have questions or want me to look at a setting description or scene of yours that you have revised, you can email your work to ***This offer is for anyone in the course.






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