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Thank you, everyone, for the feedback on Research Your Subject. Terrifically helpful.

I didn’t know you were a librarian, Vicki. I am so lucky to have your brain on this.  Great suggestions. I do have a bibliography, but will definitely add the credit into the body as hot links. I did that in my revision book, and you are right, it is the better way to go. I found a site with 50 plus commonly mistaken facts and will have fun replacing the ant with something more intriguing.

Todd, the audience is all writers of all levels from college up, and it is intended to be a general introduction with lots of helpful tips. It’s an ebook, free on Kindle Unlimited, and there will tons of links to more information so writers can did deeper when they need to. It is not intended to be a total reference on research at all, more of a guidebook. I have found a ton of examples to use for authors who have been sued. I personally had my own textbook plagiarized by another textbook author. Luckily I had a big publisher Cengage (Wadsworth at the time) to fight for me. That author never published another textbook.

Ana, thank you for the idea of providing examples at the end of the chapters.

Lisa, I love your running comments. Very helpful. I haven’t done an Autocrit on this yet so there will be a lot of repeated words. Though in a book like this there are sometimes limited ways to say something.

I realized I should have provided the blurb and the table of contents. So here it is.

BLURB (Subject to change – my publisher will rewrite it)

Research Your Subject and Validate Your Writing

Learn how to go beyond the browser search bar to find those essential tidbits of information that will make your writing stand out from the rest.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Is It True?

Chapter 2 Who’s the Expert?

Chapter 3 Is It Supported?

Chapter 4 Is It Organized?

Chapter 5 Is it Understandable?

Chapter 6 Is It Legal?



About the Author

I will resubmit this chapter after I revise it. Thank you again.



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