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Doreen Jensen

I only managed 510 words today. It’s been one of those days, tomorrow will be better. I ended up ordering a new printer, my good one broke and my hubby can’t fix it, the backup is so slow and can’t handle anything beyond a few pages.

I smiled when I read about the new kitten. Mine are not fussy onĀ  the backup printer–too slow so no challenge trying to catch the paper–only Curly will still come when he hears it. but he mostly just watches, the old one was fast and he used to try to catch the paper when it was coming out or going in to do the backside of the paper. then he’d lay over the tray and nap because no sneeky paper was going to get past him. He caused so many paper jams and I believe its ultimate demise.–not that it wasn’t out of date already. I ordered a new one today so it should be here soon. Maybe I should have taken the extended warranty. or maybe they don’t cover abuse by cats.




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