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Zara West

Hi! I’m coming in late, but catching up.

This step is one that gives me hives, but I’m starting to see the benefit of it! I appreciate your related comment in FIVE about how you find you have too many in some areas and not enough in others – same!!


Reverse outlining doesn’t have to be fancy and it can be fun. Think of it as a thinking tool. I usually handwrite mine as I hate going back and forth from one word document to another. (Someday I will get two monitors.)

If you are visual person, you may want to divide your paper into the number of your chapters/scenesĀ  and then fill in the spaces. I use index cards myself. I often color code types of scenes and POV and so on.

If you write small (I don’t) you could use sticky notes for each scene.

My mantra is If you hate something, try to make the process as fun as you can. Zara


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