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Doreen Jensen

Dory checking in

Day 19–750

Day 20– 910

The seniors’ centers in our area are offering virtual classes for seniors in e-mail, the internet, safe use of the internet, intro to Ipads, and intro to zoom.

I signed up for safety and security on internet. and the zoom class which didn’t have a date. turns out it is part 1-wednesday 1:30 and my diet (mandatory) class is wed 1:00 so I told her I couldn’t take part 1 –my reason for missing “learning Zoom” I’m on Webex at that time. The second part is on the Friday so I’ll get the info from part 1–what I really want to know is how to get the backgrounds–the last class I took¬† just said they were bothersome so don’t bother.¬† The other thing I want from the classes is to figure out why I have so much trouble sending pics by e-mail or to instagram.




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