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Hi, Cheryl and everyone,

I’m average between 4 and 6 hours writing per day. Remember, I’m retired and don’t work a full-time job.

I have 5 short-story ideas I’m working on for my next collection of short stories. Like the collection that I published, they’re historical. That collection only had two stories (out of six) that required research. Well, for this new collection four out of the five ideas I came up with require a lot of research, much more than I ever anticipated.

I was almost ready to give up on these stories thinking should come up with some ideas that required less research. But I’ve started them now and I hate to give up on them because I’ve put so  much time and effort into them. And I found a wonderful  photograph on the Library of Congress website to use for my cover.

I tell you, I”m worn out. Hopefully, it’ll all come together and I can sit down and write once the prep work has been done.



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