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Doreen Jensen

Mona, have you tried the Virgin diet (JJ Virgin) It’s an elimination diet. I think I did better on this(medically supervised diet) then previous attempts because I went on that diet first. It’s not really a diet –it’s an anti-inflammation diet. (I ate nothing but soup for a week–gained weight–dr said he didn’t think I could lose weight–said prob gained on the soup because it was canned and full of salt.)– anyway what you do is to avoid the top 7 allergy foods for 3 weeks and gradually introduce them one at a time.– they say you can lose up to 21 lbs in 3 weeks but considering I couldn’t lose weight at all and 2 months on this I was down 15 pounds so I think it works.(2018) Her theory is food allergies and sensitivities cause inflammation in the body and weight gain–so if you want to try it–just avoid corn, soy, gluten, dairy,sugar, eggs,ย  and peanuts. You may have more but these are the ones that cause inflammation. I have her book but refused to get sucked into buying her products–they may be good but are expensive and are even more so since they shut down the Canadian site. I’m not trying to push it, everyonesย  body is different(and I know yours is the autoimmune problem.) but something to consider. I don’t think it is a panacea or I wouldn’t have needed this government program. I sure hope I can keep this weight off and I still have a long way to go,



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