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Wow, you all are amazing! I’m so glad the challenge helped you. I have another challenge coming up, and I’d also like to do another Chain Event this year, possibly in the summer or late spring. Let me know if you might be interested in that.

I’d like to present our totals at the board meeting this week, so if you could help me out by either filling out the Google sheet: CHAIN EVENT 2021 LOG or by sending me your total for the month, that would be wonderful! 🙂 You can send words, hours, or a combination of both. Even if you think you didn’t write enough to qualify, send it!

For my last day, I wrote 3,120 words for a grand total of 43,602 words + 31 hours this month! I definitely feel good about that. The hours were spent editing and had to get done. (Note: I am a full-time writer, so this is my day job. I know a lot of you write tons and work a day job, too! I am in awe of you guys!)

I’ll be pinning a new Zoom sprint post shortly, so be sure to subscribe to that so you don’t miss any!

Thank you so much for the wonderful month of writing.

Cheryl Rider

Your friendly neighborhood moderator


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