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Merien Grey


Hi all,

This month Marie and I updated the server account with new billing information. The server account requires a credit or debit card. PayPal will issue an actual card if you all decide to go that route but currently the chapter does not have one. I paid the three years on my Winter Moon Media credit card and Arel has been trying to figure out a way to reimburse me without the $30 fee the regular PayPal transfer is generating that comes out of the payment. We now have the three years paid as discussed since last year but need to determine how to get my card out of there sometime before 1 Feb 2024 or be prepared to reimburse me again.

No outages, no down time, no security issues, Feb class off and running fine. All new members and renewals have been processed with no issues (except the one I got late last night, I will be doing it today).

The January instructor (Zara West) would not remove the embedded code from her posts so about half of them went to moderation. She was mildly annoyed but each time she would try to post a few times them would finally remove the code and the posts would go. There is nothing wrong with the site, system, etc. She has taught with us before and I have specifically spoken with her on multiple occasions about this. Not sure what else to do to make it any easier for her if she teaches again in the future.

When old business comes up I have information to present from the other online chapters.



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