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Anna Wheeler


I’m Anna Wheeler and I write for fun, though I hope to self-publish in the near future.  I do not set goals or have deadlines because when I do not reach them I get down on myself and that defeats the purpose of writing for me.  A little over a week ago my 15 year old dachshund died and I am finding it hard to motivate myself to write even though when I do sit myself down and write I feel better.  I do not know what my foundational log is for writing except that it is fun and fulfilling.  After the death of your brother and mother and the burnout you describe, how did you motivate yourself to get back writing?  Or maybe future lectures will reveal that.  I worry that I don’t have the heart to get back into writing and in the past if I went several days without writing, I found it difficult to get back into it.  Perhaps I just need to do it and the fun will come back over time?

Thanks for your soothing videos.  Anna


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