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I love the rock-starry, Red! haha I’m always making up words.

I never had issues with editing before, in fact, the first edit has always been my favorite part of writing. It’s where you slow down and paint the leaves on the bare branches, to my way of thinking. However, last year I lost a close cousin to suicide while I was drafting the third act of my third book. I pushed through until the draft was finished because I was on an editing deadline–even while helping plan the funeral. I just kept pushing through the pain. Pushing the pain down deep.

But the editing afterward was brutal. It was a long process, and my book was late to release. You know, it was almost as if I’d planted all my pain in the story and it literally hurt to revisit it. Couple that with it being the third book in a five-book series, so in effect, this was my “black moment” book. The darkest book in the series.

I finally got it out, and immediately began drafting the fourth book. That was a much easier one to write as it wasn’t as dark. I had the lightest edit of my career so far, but I could not get myself to buckle down and do the thing. It took me twice as long as it should have.

So, I said all that to ask you this. Is there a way to get my head straight again concerning edits? Because I’m wrapping up book 5 in March and it’s the perfect time to put your suggestions into practice.

Thanks for letting me “talk.” Actually, just typing this long-winded post out has helped a little. Funny how that works.




Oh, Cheryl! I’m so glad you’re here! I can already tell we have a lot in common.

So you write that first-draft like a rock star, but the other parts of writing are not as rock-starry. (I made up my own word there!) Am I getting this right? Because if so, Helllllo, my new friend! I’m very much the same way and it’s taken me YEARS to figure out how to be more productive in other avenues. Oof.

And I hear you about sleep! I’m forty-five and only now figuring out how to take care of myself where I get enough sleep. I’m a work in progress. 🙂 But I can relate to everything you said. We’ll do a lot of brainstorming, if that’s okay with you, to see what could help you be more healthily productive.


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