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Hi Red:

Love this lesson! It reminds me of Natalie Goldberg’s quote about not being tossed away by monkey mind.

“Don’t be tossed away by your monkey mind. You say you want to do something—“I really want to be a writer”—then that little voice comes along, “but I might not make enough money as a writer.” “Oh, okay, then I won’t write.” That’s being tossed away. These little voices are constantly going to be nagging us. If you make a decision to do something, you do it. Don’t be tossed away. But part of not being tossed away is understanding your mind, not believing it so much when it comes up with all these objections and then loads you with all these insecurities and reasons not to do something.”

In Writing Down the Bones, she suggests using writing as a Zen practice. If the Zen reference bothers some, then think of it as writing down your thoughts in a journal without lifting your pen off the page and without backtracking to cross out mistakes. Flow writing!

I think that goes perfectly with your lesson on making mistakes. I’m going to try it today.



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