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Laura Russell

Hi Red,

I sometimes use the nickname Red myself, so let me say how much I like Red writing Hood!

I write contemporary. I have a western series in progress: one MS needs a final edit, second one rough draft, third one halfway composed. Last year I wrote a category medical romance and I have revised that. I’m outlining a second one. These are linked but stand alones.

For this month, my goal is to improve my writing routine. I enjoy composing so much. I kinda like plotting and planning. I’m not well-organized when it comes to revising.

Your video was soothing and made me think I could relax into organizing, test out ways of doing it without worrying about finding the best way. I do want everything I do to be great, so it occurred to me as I listened that my concern with being best might be an unnecessary  hurdle I place in front of myself that makes it harder to get a system started that I can follow.



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