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Laura Russell

Hi Red,

I love a good puzzle and reflecting on what intrigues me is fun.

One of my foundations for writing is puzzling through emotional traumas that my characters suffer. I will admit that some of my heroines suffer experiences, doubts, hangups, and challenges similar to me while others suffer from stuff I’ve observed in others. For me, a trauma is a puzzle with interlocking pieces. Something or many things a character experiences drive her to react, to create a reality that isn’t what she wants. She traps herself. Then how does she unravel this challenge and stop getting in her own way and find her heart’s desire?

I love words! And I enjoy learning languages, learning to communicate inside a different culture. I have to read everyday. Sometimes, I’ll spend moments looking up verbs in other languages I know or reviewing roots of words from Latin. I’ve been culling my book collection and still have lots of my reface books for learning languages.

I find free-writing helpful when I’m procrastinating some edits or revisions.






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