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Hi, Cheryl!

EEEEE!!! I LOVE Natalie Goldberg so, soooo much! I don’t reread many books, but I love to reread her Writing Down the Bones. I also got the audio version of that same book, and listening to her thick New York accent is one of the best things ever. She’s just the best, isn’t she?

And I love the quote you shared and I’m so grateful you shared it! Yep, our amazing monkey minds LOVE to try to distract us by telling us, for so many reasons, not to do the thing that’s uncomfortable, like writing. And writing can be just as amazingly satisfying as it is uncomfortable. There’s a reason why Hemingway compared it to bleeding. The satisfaction is more than the lack of comfort that comes from writing. But try telling that to our monkey mind, who in a weird way, is seeking comfort for us, but by actually distracting us with self-doubt. Ugh, our brains!

Anyway, let me know how your Flow work went!


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