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I love this, Laura! I love how thoughtful you are about your characters’ experiences and trauma. I love doing this too, by the way, and have tried to become a neurologist buff. I love the way neurologists study trauma, like their Attachment Theory. Reading about Attachment Theory has helped me so much for my characters who are not like me. And for the characters who are like me, for that matter.

And I also love that you love not just words but foreign words! (In my neck of the woods, on my local NPR, we have Chrysti the Wordsmith, who breaks down words for the etymology as well as the suffixes, prefixes, etc.) Gosh, I’m envious of you learning foreign languages! I have tried to learn Spanish and French, and always manage to mix them up, if I remember them at all. So, YAY!, you!

I hope you’re starting to feel a little spark of motivation to write! If not, let me know.


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