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Ana Morgan

Thank you for your critique, Zara! I should have included a story overview. This is a romance.

Scarred at age ten, when a near-fatal fire triggered his wealthy parents to divorce, Shane Kendrick is determined to learn every practical skill possible and prove he doesn’t need their money or connections to succeed. He hates how powerful people dictate to “little” people while claiming what they are doing is based on love. He will meet his love interest in the next town.

Terra Green is haunted by the guilt of causing the accident that killed her mother when she was four. She runs the greenhouse-nursery business started by her father and is smotheringly protective because he suffers from macular degeneration.

Shane will help her to see that her dad is happier when allowed to do things she feels are too dangerous. That she can’t protect her father from everything. That she can let go and let others help.

She will help him rediscover the value of family through her close relationship with her dad, show him that love is complicated and can exist despite there being some strings attached. That the strings are actually bonds, not chains.



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