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Kathleen Sheridan

Hello! I’m Kathleen and I am on my umpteenth edit of my first manuscript, a 12th century Highlander. It was a long work in progress (legit 10 years) and I was thrilled to finish it! I got super encouraged to join RWA, various chapters, take courses and meet people, and I even did NANO! Aaaand then I started learning all the things I was doing wrong! I would fix one thing, and then learn another thing that put me back a few steps. I got trapped in a research rabbit hole where I didn’t feel like I was finding the right answers. Not to mention that life last year was very hard in terms of life (quarantine life is not for me!) and my work doubled during the transition online. Basically, by December, I was utterly burned out. I took some time off, and I’ve dipped my toes back in, but I still feel like I’m more overwhelmed/dreading working, and that’s not what I want my creative time to be like!

I really enjoyed your first message, your video, and the messages from others. I feel like this is exactly where I need to be, so thank you!!



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