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This hit me in an uncomfortable place.

So, I have serious anxiety when looking at my Amazon reviews. The anxiety builds up in my chest and lungs and all the blood rushes to my face as if I’m blushing. Pure panic. Normally, I don’t do it.

(Oh, and Goodreads is my own personal Hell, and not even Virgil himself could get me to venture there for more than a few seconds to answer a reader question or add a book.)

I try to remember this saying when I read my reviews:

Stop trying to be liked by everybody. You don’t even like everybody.

But I struggle. Because even the good ones get into my head in an unconstructive way. I keep telling myself not to look at them, that it doesn’t matter, and when I convince myself of this, it works.

What’s your opinion, Red? Should I look and carve out a week to wallow in self-doubt (my anxiety manifests in racing thoughts), or keep ignoring them? Honestly, I do better at believing in myself when I don’t look. But is that fighting my self-doubt or taking care of it?

For now, at least, I’m going to ignore them, because I want to do the exercise you gave us. Oh, and I have a little graphic for everyone here. 🙂





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