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I love seeing all these goals!

I hit my goal of 10K words written last week with a total of 12,729. Finally got my preorder blurb uploaded after a nudge from the Zon, and submitted the copyright forms for my longer novels. (Thanks, Jeanne! Your mention of copyrights made me determined to get it done.)

This week’s goals: 12,000 words drafted (book 5) & 14 chapters edited on my April release.

Apologies again for missing the sprint on Sunday. As of today, I have two different types of internet access–cable and DSL. We’re keeping both for now. My house has weird spots where nothing works, not even our cell service. I’m worried it was built over a haunted cemetery and the ghosts don’t approve of social media. Understandable, I guess… 😆

I’m going to do a sprint this Wednesday and Sunday again. Head over to the sprint post (pinned to the top of the forum) for more details.



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