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Hi Red:

You asked how I got into the flow state. I took my computer out of my office and wrote somewhere else. I threw on some headphones, put on, and just started writing. (Well, typing. Not sure that the first part was actually writing. haha)

I have a lifetime membership to the brain fm app, but you could use any study music. Here’s a free one from YouTube that I like: Deep Focus Music

I’ve been experimenting with writing in different places lately and it’s helping a little. Also, I’m okay with writing badly in the beginning just to get myself going. I can always delete that part later. It’s the flow I’m after.



EEEEEE!!! Cheryl! That is wonderful news! I’m so happy to hear about your “Flowing” scene!!!

If you want to give any tips on how you got into flow, please feel free to share them. For me, I write first thing in the morning, and that helps me get into flow. But when I write in the afternoon, it’s harder for me to get into flow. I have to make a cup of decaf coffee and make sure I’m perfectly warm before I get back into writing in the afternoon to get back into flow. But even then, sometimes it doesn’t work. So feel free to share any tidbits!  🙂


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