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Kathy Crouch

Hey Y’all,

I’m here in the frozen state of Texas where currently the temperature is 9 degrees F with a wind chill/feels like temperature of -8 degrees. This is historic lows for us according to the news and weather. We’ve got blowing snow with ice pellets it looks like out there. Not that I’m interested in going out and checking to see what type of snow it is.

I had written a scene on Saturday of last week. On Sunday of last week, I decided I really didn’t like the way I wrote it. I decided to revise it and see if it was better. I still couldn’t find a way to fix it and keep it so on Monday I cut it completely. I figured out on Tuesday that I cut at least 440 words maybe a few more.

With that in mind, my word count for the week is 1,505. It’s like the challenge ended and the daily word counts are varying. Plus, it’s tax season and I’m working on tax returns sent via email.



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