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Marina Reznor

Hi all,

We’re here in Alabama and it’s getting down to 14 degrees tonight. But luckily no ice just rain – the ice is in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. I can’t believe I just typed that. Please stay safe Kathy.

Congratulations Victoria on your selection for RAMP. I’m really glad RWA committed to it, what a wonderful opportunity.

Cheryl I thought I was only one who wrote big books! At 100K the story is just getting good, right? (according to Diana Gabaldon). Book 3 is on track for 110K. When I’m done I’ll schedule some classes like Doreen.

I’m checking in late because I finally reached my goal of registering the copyright for Book 2. The US Copyright online registration system is archaic and not set up for independent authors. [Side note: day job is web developer and I know 2007 coding when I see it]. But I couldn’t check in here until I did it so thank you for holding me accountable.

My goal for the week is to register my non-fiction book, now that I’m on a roll, and getting into Book #3 manuscript.




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