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This is so awesome, Stacie! I LOVE what you shared with us!

It seems to me that intuitive/pantsing writing is highly frowned upon nowadays, and I’m not sure how that happened or why. When I first started getting serious about writing–gosh, it’s almost at two decades ago now–everyone seemed to know that there were pantsers, outliners, and those who did a bit of both. And that was good. Now, there’s this massive push for just outlining, and it’s just not going to work for some people, myself included. Granted, I’d LOVE to be able to outline. But every time I did it, my writing suffered then my motivation to write also suffered. If you’ve gotten to my intuitive writing section, you’ll see I experimented a lot with pantsing writing and am trying to write a book about it. I hope it encourages you to keep finding writing processes that work for you, where you enjoy the writing and even while writing gut-wrenching scenes are having a bit of fun. 🙂

Please feel free to keep sharing what works and doesn’t work for you!


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