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Stacie, I don’t know if you’re interested, but I listened to a podcast with Steff Green recently (It’s also on YouTube, so I’ll post a link) where she talked about how she writes without an outline. She’s a discovery writer (pantser) and I found some of her tips interesting enough to try. Maybe you’ll find something you can use. (I recommend forwarding until you get to her part.)


I was playing catch-up today and was mulling over intuitive writing as I watched today’s video.  I started off with the intent of doing a brain dump and ended up with this (warning – oversharing about to commence):

I hate that fear has silently consumed me and led to a complete disconnect from things that use to bring me great joy and satisfaction.  Mostly my writing.  Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of everything has kept me from writing.  Add to that I’ve put all this pressure on myself to write a certain way that doesn’t always fit.  I understand outlines, but I HATE them.  I always have.  It never occurred to me to just write intuitively. The lecture on intuitive writing really struck a chord with me.  When I write for fun, I do that intuitively.  I don’t do an outline or force a structure onto it.  So maybe if I stop doing that with my other writing I can find the fun and the story will flow.  I can fix things when I edit.  I think for me the initial writing needs to be intuitive and then editing more structured.


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