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Hi, Cheryl and all!

It’s Wednesday and I’m finally checking in.

I’m sorry about the headache, Vicki and congratulations on being chosen forRAMP! I love the cat in your photo.

Marina, I enjoyed reading about your foray into registering the copyright for your book. I’ve registered three of my books and a group of unpublished photographs. The first time I did it, it really threw me for a loop when it takes you out of the copyright office’s site to make the payment, but then it returns you to their site to finish. I panicked when it took me out of the site. Even though I’ve done it 4 times, I still watch the video tutorial every time before I do it again.

Kathy, I feel for you in Texas. I’m in Honolulu where we think it’s cold if it gets down below 70 degrees.

Dory, did you get the snow you were expecting?

Cheryl, the habit I’ve picked up that’s helped me the most is I write daily whether I feel like it or not, whether I have any idea what’s going to happen next in my story or not (I’m a pantser). If I have no idea what’s going to happen next, then I brainstorm ideas; I ask myself what needs to happen to move the story forward and will be interesting to the reader.

That said, I barely made my 3-hour minimum a couple of days last week. On Valentine’s Day, I got involved with some lengthy interactions with two people. With one, a girlfriend, it was my own fault. I told her I had some books published and then we went back and forth texting about those books. She asked how much the latest one is and I knew she felt that both the eBook and the paperback were more than she wanted to pay. I can understand that; she’s only got Social Security and has to strictly budget how much she spends for entertainment. So, I emailed her a PDF of the latest one.

The other person is my God son. He’s an adult now and he called me for Valentine’s day. We don’t talk often anymore; he has his own life. So, I didn’t want to not answer when he called.

Then theย  next day, I did my federal income tax and submitted it online. Even though I was well organized and prepared, it still took me a couple of hours.

Now, I have to do my state income tax. Hawaii’s online program doesn’t let the user save as a draft, so youย  have to do it all in one sitting. That means I’ll againย  have to be organized and it looks like it will be time consuming when I do it. Bummers. I’m putting that off for awhile.

Well, that’s all for now for me. Have a good rest of the week everyone.



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