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Anna Wheeler


I really like the witty banter of black and white movies also.  His Girl Friday and The thin Man series are my favorites.

The Australian TV series Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries has really great witty dialogue.  It is based on a series of Books by Kerry Greenwood.  I have not read any of the books, but I think most of the TV series dialogue came from the books.  Jane Austen wrote great dialogue and so did Charlette Bronte.  Elizabeth Boyle and Sophie Jordan always crack me up.  Stacia Kane’s Unholy Ghosts and its sequels all do a superb job with dialects, jargon and slang.  Wish I could write like that.

I like to do a lot of side stepping when I write dialogue, reveal information, gage different characters reactions, keep secrets hidden, but let the reader know something might be lurking there.  It’s fun.  I try to incorporate pauses and silences in my writing, but I am not sure it is effective.  Could you recommend some ways to do it right, please?

Thanks, Anna


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