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You know, I can’t write in coffeehouses–or in large groups. I’m like a kid, popping my head up every five minutes, too curious about everything going on. So, the only music has to be instrumental and if anyone is talking around me, I tune right into the conversation, so writing to the TV is out. Just how my brain works.

Although, years ago, I wrote in the same room where my husband was watching election results on TV. Guess I can block out politics–haha

I’m great at writing in Zoom meetings, though. We run Zoom sprints in the Productivity group and they work amazingly well for me. Everyone is muted until the very end when we talk a little. 🙂


Very interesting, indeed!

It sounds like you work best with some sounds going on in the background. OH! Do you, before there was a pandemic, write in coffee houses? I would love to do that, but the noise is too much for me, since I’m silly and need absolute quiet.


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