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My apologies, I’ve been sitting down and writing whether I was “inspired” or not, even though I didn’t think I had any idea of what what was going to happen next in my short stories, and it worked. The end of several of them is in sight. But this effort took my focus away from getting through the lessons.

I like the idea of hope, not only for ourselves, but I am going to apply it to one of  the short stories I’m working on. It will take some editing to work it in, but I think it will make the story more interesting. It’s about a suffragette in California in 1911. The question “Shall women be allowed to vote?” was on the ballot when California citizens went to the polls on October 10, 1911. Of course, the measure met with stiff opposition. When election results started coming in, it looked like the measure would not pass. But it did pass by a slim margin, making California the 6th state to ratify voting for women. I think the elements of suspense and hope will greatly add to the story.



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