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Jen Melland

Hi Zara!

I’ve never critiqued non-fiction before, but this is really interesting information! I didn’t do a line-by-line crit, but I have some overall thoughts for you.

The information so far reads like a textbook, which is good because you’re going for an academic text. However, I would love to see a little more of your passion in the introduction, a reason why you personally took the time and effort to compile this information for your readers (other than getting sunk into the rabbit hole).

I would also suggest narrowing your audience. That’s something I’m working on with my novels. It is great to say that this book is for anyone who may need to conduct research and wants to learn how, but I find this to be a broad range. Who did you have in mind when you were writing it? Who do you think it will benefit the most?

I love how you are organizing it so far, and think the inclusion of the applicable quotes is great. However, Chapter 2 is awfully long. Can you split it half or purge/relocate some of the information?

Great job!



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