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Like Cheryl, one of the things I do is write out of order. If I haven’t come up with an idea of what’s going to happen next, I’ll write a scene that I know I’ll put in somewhere down the line.

For one of the short stories I’m writing now – the one about the suffragette – I know what the end result is going to be so I drafted the the last scene around that outcome. My suffragette, her parents, two of her sister suffragettes showing up at their election poll for the election the year after women won the right to vote in California. They are all going into the polling place to vote during the first election that women were allowed to vote in California. Now, I can fill in what’s going to happen leading up to that day.

Also, I have several short stories I’m working on (all for the same collection), so I switch off between them when I’m writing.






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