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Kathy Crouch

Hi Cheryl and everyone,

I’ve kind of slacked off some on my 500 words a day. I started taking a little more time and considering what I’ve written and if I don’t like it, I whack it and start over. My word count for the week is 3,565.

Thank goodness the Arctic Winter Storm called Uri is gone. We were at 73 and maybe even up to 75 at one point this afternoon. Still a lot of people are dealing with no water and no power. We were lucky in that we didn’t lose water or power. I stopped at Jack in the Box near here and the person taking orders goes we have no drinks and no curly fries. I asked her or him do you have onion rings? The answer was yes, so I ordered the Ultimate Cheeseburger mayo only and onion rings. Then sat in line at Wendy’s to order a drink lol. Kind of silly I guess, but I had nothing better to do except get home and do some writing lol.

Y’all have an awesome week ahead, stay warm if it’s still arctic weather where you are. We have a cold front coming in but nothing like we had since around the 9th of February.


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