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Dory: Nice word count! I’m also amazed at how well you’ve stuck to your program. That couldn’t have been easy, and yet you’re doing it! ❤️

Victoria: How nice that your husband helped you find a writing nook! My productivity shot way up once I had a place that was all mine to write in. Sounds like you’re having a similar experience.

Even if you don’t yet have a goal for SIAW, you can post what you do know, if you like. I don’t have mine yet, either, because I won’t know where I’m at until the week of, but I posted the project and my reward. I like rewards. ⭐️

Kathy: That’s a great word count, especially considering the week you had! My kids lost power and water and had to leave the house when their firewood ran out. It was scary. Wild Texas weather. I’m glad you’re doing well. 😊

Jeanne: I know, right? I had to check to make sure it actually was Week 7!

We all make mistakes in our books. No one is perfect. Even after it goes through editing, betas, and a professional proofreader, I still find mistakes. I fix them, reupload, and don’t worry about it. What else can you do? 🤷‍♀️

Mona: Glad you’re back to writing after that mess. I agree, Texas isn’t geared to severe winter storms. Hopefully, they’ll do something about that in case this happens again. Being without power and water was really tough on my son’s young family. Sounds like it had a big impact on your family, too. 🙂

As for me, I hit my goals last week! Finished the proofread/rewrite on my daughter’s and my April release, and sent it over to her for yet another “loose thread” check. I should be able to get the thing uploaded this week. Just in time for me to get another MS back from the proofreader. Yay. Lucky me. 😉

I also wrote 13,620 words. My goal was 12K, which is also my goal for this week. If I can get that much done, I’ll have time to review the draft before sending it to my editor.

So good to hear from all of you! If you tuned into the sprint (or tried to) on Sunday and found yourself stuck in the waiting room, I apologize. I think I’ve finally fixed that setting on Zoom. Hopefully.

Really looking forward to SIAW! Hope you’ll all bring your goals, no matter how large or small, to this writing drive and join in.

Have a great week!





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