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Good to hear you made it through the frost unscathed, Ana! As a southern California girl, the lowest temperature I’ve endured was in the teens when we lived in Stockholm for a few months. You folks who deal in subzero temps every year amaze me.

I’m glad you’re back in business on your WIP. I’m still hoping to bring you in on a sprint one of these days. If you give me a day/time you can do one during SIAW, I’ll do my best to make it happen. 🙂



Ana, here.  I hope all those who faced horrible weather are doing okay. We endured 10 days of subzero days and -20 to -30 degree nights. Life had to go on–work, cow chores–but other than that, we hunkered down and stayed reasonably warm. I was stuck on my WIP (Mercury retrograde in Aquarius was not a creative muse for me) but it’s over now and voila! Yesterday, I was able to flesh out my opening chapter with deep POV. Forward ho to my half-written chapter 2.


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