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Oh, thank you for sharing, Anna! Thank you so much!

I so appreciate you telling us your journey and sharing more about teaching! That’s heartbreaking. Hugs! And what’s sad, as you point out, is you are so not alone! So many teachers are in a similar boat, and I wish things would change about that! Teachers are doing the greatest job in the world, teaching our children, and I wish we had daily parades for them!

I like your point about burnout/demoralization, that it is not the individual’s fault. In this lecture, I talk about how nearly everyone suffers from burnout, so we should take community measures to help those who are hurting. And I hope we in the writing community can help those who are hurting without laying blame, just as you said. 🙂

Thank you, again, for this wonderful post and for sharing! You are helping so many people by sharing this!


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