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I liked Anna’s way of saying burnout. Demoralization. It makes me think about it differently.

I’ve been guilty of thinking that burnout is something that only happens to other people. When friends discussed burnout in their own lives, I saw it as a real and powerful thing. However, when it came to myself, I wasn’t suffering burnout, I was loafing around.

One thing I did to help me with burnout last year was to take the CliftonStrengths test to identify my personality strengths. There’s a writer, Becca Syme, who leads a group called Strengths for Writers, and her classes really helped me better understand myself. (I don’t know her personally, other than through her classes.)

My #1 strength is Learner. So, one way of treating my personal brand of burnout/demoralization is through learning. I take time off writing to watch documentaries, read non-fiction books on different subjects (especially writing), listen to podcasts, and take classes. I fill my head with information. For another person, that would be overwhelming and awful. For me, it’s fun and motivating–and yes, even relaxing!

(If anyone out there is familiar with CliftonStrengths, it won’t surprise you to find that I’m also high Input, which is why I always have an outside reference to share. I collect information like other people collect commemorative plates, and I love to share things because I’m high Positivity and genuinely like to help people.😉)



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