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Hi, Cheryl and all.

I’ve managed to keep myself busy. I averaged just under 5 hours a day writing (which includes historical research and taking online classes). I’ve finished the rough draft for three of my seven short stories that will go in my next collection. I found out that based on the word length, I’m writing “novelettes.” A novelette is longer than a short story (and short stories are longer than “flash fiction”) and shorter than a novella. Novelettes run anywhere from 7,500 words to 19,000 words. Novellas start at 20,000 words and run up to 49,999. Short novels start at 50,000.  When I first started pursuing writing several years back, 50,000 was considered quite acceptable for a novel, but now I’ve noticed that there are some agents and publishers who want novels beginning at 80 to 85,000 words, for romance anyway. I’m now self publishing, so I don’t care what “they” want. I really like writing short stories and historical fiction.

Well, back to my stories for which I haven’t finished the first draft. Have a great week everybody.



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