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Uh, Kestra, did you bring enough fudge to share with the class? 😊 That sounds amazing, by the way. Do you make it yourself?

Which show are you going to binge first, Jennifer? I’ve been so out of the loop on TV. I’ve been watching National Geographic documentaries on YouTube. The weirder the better.

Laura, did you decide on your goal? Your reward? Inquiring minds wanna know!

Tami, how was your day one of SIAW? Are you closer to getting those keto cups? Also, they sound really good. I was just thinking about how I could make some keto peanut butter fudge…

My day one was great! I set a goal for 2500 words and actually got them done by 4pm! Fingers crossed the rest of the week goes well. Oh, and my goal is to finish this MS! 10k words at least, probably more.

Hope you all have a lovely evening❤️



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