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Welp, now I’m going to need some peanut butter fudge recipes. Kestra, that sounds like it might work for keto, too! Diabetes runs rampant in my husband’s family, so we’ve drastically cut back on sugar. This way of eating is tough at times, though, so we love treats. Also, YAY for making that connection in your story! Sometimes it’s that one ornery piece of the puzzle that eludes us, and getting it to click into place is so satisfying!

Tami, good to hear you made progress. Also, I’m terribly jealous that you have Keto friends who make fudge. My little Texas grandpa used to make the best fudge and my grandma made divinity to die for. Okay, I’ll stop talking sweets now… haha

Laura, I hope you’re feeling okay after receiving the vaccine. Be sure to rest if you need to. Looking forward to sprinting with you this week! Wednesday’s sprint is a little earlier just for you! 🙂

Okay, getting down to it now. I find if I’m halfway at goal by noon, I’m pretty good at getting the rest down. Focus is the word of the day. Week. Month. haha BICHOK, Cheryl! (butt in chair, hands on keyboard, if you’ve never seen that acronym before. 😉)



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