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Dory, I so want you to take the CliftonStrengths test. I just know you’re a #1 Learner, the way you enjoy classes. Awesome writing this week!

Jeanne, I love that take on marketing. I’ve taken classes, read tons of books, but still don’t feel I have it “down.” I think it’s one of those things you are constantly keeping up with. I can recommend David Gaughran’s newest books on it. Before buying them, though, find him on YouTube. He gives a lot of good info away for free. His newsletter is great, too!

I finished my rough draft of book 5! 10,621 new words written, 6 chapters edited, along with proofreading edits, formatting, and uploading another book. Sprint-in-a-Week always gets me motivated. This week I’ll be doing my readthrough edit on the draft, sprucing it up for my developmental editor. I’m also taking a short Airstream trip to relax, but I’ll likely work a little. 😉

One sprint only this week, since my WiFi will likely be spotty. See the pinned Sprint post on this forum for details. Have a great week!



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